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When Poor Road Conditions Cause a Motorcycle Accident

On a roaring motorcycle at sunset | When Poor Road Conditions Cause a Motorcycle AccidentMotorcycle accidents in Colorado Springs are a common occurrence. Yet, when poor road conditions cause a motorcycle accident, it can be difficult to know what to do next. Sadly, many motorcycle accident victims believe that there is little they can do if a poor road surface causes their accident. As a result, they are left paying their own medical expenses, while their family spirals into financial debt. By law, however, if a motorcycle accident was caused by an improper road surface or poorly maintained road, the city or county responsible for maintaining that road may be held responsible. Some of the most dangerous road issues for motorcyclists include:


The problem with potholes is that while they present little concern to automobile drivers, they can be responsible for causing serious motorcycle accidents. The primary key to determining liability when a motorcyclist has had an accident with injuries resulting from a pothole is to determine how long the pothole existed. The length of time the problem has been in existence determines whether the failure to repair it has presented an unreasonable danger to motorcycle riders

Gravel or Rough Roads

Excessive speed on a gravel road can also be responsible for a motorcycle accident, especially if the road is winding or steep. Edge breaks can occur during construction when the two traffic lanes are different heights—while this is barely noticeable in an automobile, an unsuspecting motorist can end up having a serious accident because of the edge break.

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Animals on the Road

Should the driver of a car hit a deer it will likely cause damage but probably not serious injuries, while a motorcycle rider hitting a deer stands a chance of incurring serious or fatal injuries.

When to Get Help

You may have a valid claim against the public agency responsible for maintaining the roadway if you suffered injuries resulting from an accident caused by a road hazard. Don’t try to go it alone, however—choose a highly experienced personal injury attorney who has an extensive background in motorcycle accident recovery. You will likely need help with medical bills, lost wages and other issues related to your accident and it’s important that you have an advocate in your corner during the process.

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