The holiday season is finally here, and Colorado Springs residents are busy getting ready for the 2021 festivities. This will be an even busier time of year as more families try to reconnect with loved ones. Since last year’s COVID-19 pandemic put a damper on many holiday events, many families are heading out to enjoy […]

This year, children are looking more forward to Halloween than ever before. For families across Colorado Springs, that means going to Halloween parties, trunk-or-treat events, pumpkin carving, and trick-or-treating on Halloween night. Regardless of how you choose to celebrate the Halloween season, it is important to make safety a priority. Parents can take numerous precautions […]

A rash of vehicle-pedestrian accidents involving kids has prompted an investigation into the source of the problem. Nationwide in 2015, 456 children died from injuries sustained in vehicle-pedestrian accidents, while over 40,000 children were injured as pedestrians in 2014. Colorado children are certainly not immune to this tragedy. Early in January, four Colorado Springs students […]