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The Yellow Dot Program Comes to El Paso County

The Yellow Dot program has come to El Paso County, and American Medical Response and Drive Smart Colorado are hoping it will help save lives throughout the region.

Intended to help alert emergency first responders of any chronic medical conditions affecting a driver involved in an accident, the safe driving program has been operating in 22 states and has been shown to be a helpful resource for saving lives. 

When someone is injured in a serious accident, they may be unable to communicate important information about their medical history to the healthcare professionals attending to their medical needs. This is an important consideration, because past surgeries or current medications, can cause first responders to change the way they treat the injured accident victim. 

Some medications can react in dangerous ways with other medications, or a chronic medical condition may put you at more risk during certain treatments.  Important medical information like that can be key in determining the best way to treat someone after a serious accident. This is especially true during what is referred to as the “Golden Hour”. 

The golden hour is the period of time after a traumatic injury during which prompt medical treatment has the best likelihood of preventing death. This is why every single second after an accident is critical to saving someone’s life. 

Drive Smart Colorado and American Medical Response (AMR) have teamed up on the El Paso County campaign in order to encourage more people to participate in the program, and AMR has made free Yellow Dot kits available at their Colorado Springs headquarters, located at 2370 North Powers Boulevard. 

The kits contain a yellow dot sticker meant to be placed on the participant’s vehicle, along with a “File of Life” folder and a medical information card. Participants are meant to fill out the forms with their information, and place that along with a headshot photo of themselves, in the file to be kept in the glovebox.

If the unfortunate happens and that driver is in an accident, the first responders will know by the yellow sticker that there is important, and potentially life saving information that will be found in the glovebox. It’s recommended that everyone who regularly drives the vehicle and has serious health conditions, fill out one of the medical information cards. 

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