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Why Are Women More Likely to Die in Car Accidents?

pregnant blonde woman behind the wheel | Why Are Women More Likely to Die in Car Accidents?Researchers have known for decades that women are more likely to suffer an injury or die in car accidents. Of the 40,000 Americans that die every year in automobile accidents, a disproportionate number will be women. While men are more likely to cause car accidents, women are more likely to suffer the severity of the injuries. In fact, women are more than 17 percent more likely to die in a car accident than men, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). In addition, women are 73 percent more likely to suffer serious injury. 

Why are more women getting injured or dying in car accidents?

Many safety experts point to one obvious reason: the crash test dummies we’ve used for years are all male. When a car is tested for safety, automobile manufacturers use male crash test dummies that are based on the mid-1970s average size and weight of a man. That means that a car with a five-star safety rating will keep a 5-foot-9-inch, 170-pound man safe. But what about women? 

Many women fall below the average size and weight of their male counterparts. A 5-foot-2-inch woman will then suffer significantly greater injuries because the car was not designed to keep her safe. 

Unfortunately, this is not new information. Researchers have known for decades that women’s bodies are different. They have different bone density and their abdomens occupy a different position in the car seat. This means that most women sit considerably closer to the steering wheel – increasing the risk of more serious injury. 

Safety experts and researchers have tried to evolve crash test dummy technology to help improve women’s safety. Advanced female dummies with more sensors in the face, abdomen, and pelvis would, in theory, help make cars safer for women. This data could help car manufacturers design car adjustments to keep everyone safe – not just men. 

For now, however, that is not being done. The NHTSA has the power to require that both male and female dummies be used to test for safety. However, they have not made those requirements. 

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