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Whiplash is a Pain in the Neck

Whiplash is one of the most “parodied” car accident injuries. You’ve undoubtedly seen movies and TV shows mocking victims who claim that they have suffered whiplash after relatively minor seeming accidents. Yet whiplash is a very real injury and it is no laughing matter. Whiplash is a painful neck injury that is often misdiagnosed, misunderstood, and mistakenly downplayed by their victims. In fact, whiplash victims often resist claiming the injury, for fear of being “labled” as someone just seeking quick money.

When a whiplash injury occurs, the victim may or may not even realize that he or she has been injured. Whiplash can develop gradually over several days or even weeks. As the injury worsens, the neck can become increasingly stiff, resulting in poor range of motion, pain, and headaches. Accident victims may seek relief through over-the-counter medications at first, before heading into emergency rooms for a proper diagnosis. Once a diagnosis of whiplash is made, physical therapy, rest, and pain medications are often required.

Whiplash usually heals within several weeks to months, although stiffness and headaches can linger longer for some car accident victims. During this time, however, it can be difficult to work, drive, or enjoy your daily activities. Any compensation you receive from an insurance company should reflect any lost time from work and any future earnings that will be missed because of injury.

In some cases, this type of injury can result in a chronic neck condition, pain, and limited mobility. In fact, up to 26% of all whiplash victims are still battling side effects of their injury up to 6 months after the accident. Some cases of whiplash will even require surgery to fully correct –and many car accident victims are never quite the same.

The complications that can arise after a whiplash injury are numerous. Yet insurance companies routinely discount whiplash injuries and offer low-ball settlements to victims that do not consider these complications, or their impact on the victim’s life. When this occurs, you need an experienced Colorado Springs car accident attorney on your side to fight for your rights to compensation.

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