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What Not To Do After a Multi-Car Accident in Colorado Springs

two lines of traffic | What Not To Do After a Multi-Car Accident in Colorado SpringsEstablishing fault in a multi-car accident is a complex and exhausting process. The liability for the crash is rarely clear and uncontested. One or more drivers may be at fault, and multiple drivers and passengers may have suffered an injury. Additionally, state laws could reduce or deny your right to compensation. 

Fortunately, an experienced Colorado Springs car accident attorney can help you navigate the issues to receive the compensation you deserve.

Do you know what not to do after getting into a multi-car accident?

10 Things Not To Do After a Multi-vehicle Car Accident 

  1. Don’t leave the scene of an accident. It is a crime. You and all occupants of the car should remain in your car and you should call 911.
  2. Don’t forget to call the Police. You will need a police report for accident and driver information and to file a claim with your insurance company,
  3. Don’t say anything. The things you say could be used to assign fault against you.
  4. Don’t refuse Medical Attention. An insurance company could use your refusal to deny an injury claim.
  5. Don’t forget to call your Insurance Company.
  6. Don’t neglect to get pictures. If you are able, take pictures of the vehicle damage, the accident scene, and people who have suffered injuries.
  7. Don’t neglect to collect information from all drivers involved. Generally, you’ll need to get:
  • name address, phone, etc.
  • name of Insurance company, policy #
  • License plate number
  • Type, model, and color of the car
  • Where the accident occurred
  1. Don’t forget to get Witness Statements. Get contact information from anyone that saw the crash and get a written statement if you can.
  2. Don’t skip documenting your account of the accident. Do this while the facts are fresh in your mind. Write down everything you can remember about the accident and what happened. 
  3. Don’t lose receipts. Keep all receipts and medical bills to show your losses. This includes medication receipts.

Common Types of Multi-Vehicle Accidents

  • Rear-end Accidents. Rear-end accidents occur when one driver rear-ends another vehicle causing that car to do the same to the car in front of it and continuing with several vehicles. 
  • Head-on Collisions. Head-on accidents occur after a vehicle runs into another car head-on, which then pushes that car back into oncoming vehicles.  
  • Side-Impact Accidents. T-bone accidents or side-impact accidents happen if a vehicle does not stop when mandated by a traffic light or stop sign or makes an improper turn. The car then crashes into the driver side or passenger of an oncoming car, pushing it into another lane and other vehicles.  
  • Trucking accidents. Large commercial trucks can cause serious chain reaction accidents on the freeway. When they collide with another car or structure, it can send shockwaves down the road, resulting in massive vehicle pileups and fatalities. 

Three things that can factor into the amount of compensation you receive:

  1. The Police Report. This report will document the facts of the accident as determined by the attending police officer, those involved in the crash, and any witness statements.
  2. Shared Liability or Comparative Negligence. Under the Colorado law of modified comparative negligence, accident victims can receive compensation only if their liability for the crash is less than 50 percent. Their claim will be net of their percentage at fault.
  3. Statute of Limitations. Colorado’s limitation statute is three years after the date of the accident. 

You can’t rely on insurance companies or the police to look out for your best interests. 

The police will investigate the accident to determine if any criminal charges are warranted. Police look for evidence of speeding, mechanical violations, intoxicating substances, etc. 

Insurance companies of the parties involved in a crash typically have their investigators look for the cause of the crash so that the insurance company’s liability can be reduced or eliminated.

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