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Understanding Your Colorado Springs Personal Injury Case: What are Damages?

Colorado Springs Personal Injury AttorneysIn a successful civil lawsuit for a Colorado Springs personal injury, damages are collected from the liable party. But exactly what are damages? What are the different types of damages? And how much can a plaintiff collect? At the Green Law Firm, we can help answer these questions and provide a greater understanding of personal injury damages. Understanding your personal injury case is paramount and a key to obtaining the compensation you deserve.

What Are Damages?

The purpose of damages in a personal injury lawsuit is to make the plaintiff whole again after an injury. However, sometimes this is just not possible, and some injuries are subjective, such as a victim’s pain and suffering.

Types of Damages

Damages are broken down into two general categories: economic and non-economic damages.

Economic damages strive to compensate victims for their actual financial losses. Economic damages include compensation for medical expenses stemming from all injuries caused by the defendant, as well as any wages or income lost because of the injury. If a plaintiff was permanently disabled because of the accident, then the income they would have earned over the course of their lifetime may have to be paid by the defendant.

Non-economic damages include all those losses that can’t really be assigned an exact dollar amount. Pain and suffering, emotional distress, and loss of companionship/consortium are examples of non-economic damages. The emotional distress in the aftermath of an injury can be just as debilitating as the injury itself. A doctor can diagnose post-traumatic stress disorder and it can be eligible for financial compensation.

Family members of those killed by someone else’s negligence can collect wrongful death damages. States have varying rules about parents of grown children, siblings, cousins, or distant relatives filing wrongful death claims. However, every state allows spouses and parents of minor children to sue for wrongful death.

Punitive damages are different from other damages in that they are not meant to compensate a victim, but rather punish a defendant for a particularly egregious wrongdoing and act as a deterrent to other would-be wrongdoers.

Damages Caps

Typically, damage caps only apply to non-economic damages- and only in special cases, for instance medical malpractice. Because some states have implemented damage caps as part of tort reform efforts, it is especially important to understand the difference between economic and non-economic damages.

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