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This Year, Car Accident Deaths Climb to 5-Year Highs

female crossing on a pedestrian lane | Car Accident Deaths Climb to 5-Year HighsAccording to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, an estimated 20,160 people died in car accidents across the United States in the first half of 2021. These fatalities mark a five-year high and have many safety officials concerned. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg called this “a crisis” and warned that we “should not accept these fatalities as a part of everyday life in America.” 

The car accident deaths were 18.4% higher than fatalities at the beginning of 2020. This was the highest spike since the NHTSA began tracking data in 1975. In addition, the project fatalities for the second quarter of 2021 represented the highest quarterly percentage change in recorded history. 

Why so many accidents? Safety officials are unsure why so many accidents are occurring and why these accidents are leading to fatalities. One theory is that with fewer cars on the road, the drivers that were on the road engaged in riskier behaviors, such as speeding. Excessive speed, distracted driving, and alcohol played a large role in many of the fatal car accidents this year. 

Where Did The Majority of Car Accident Fatalities Increase?

Eight states saw increases of 30% or more in car accident deaths this year. Those states were:

  • Oregon with 261 deaths, a 51% increase
  • South Dakota with 65 deaths, a 51% increase
  • Minnesota with 211 deaths, a 41% increase
  • Idaho with 107 deaths, a 39% increase
  • Nevada with 181 deaths, a 38% increase
  • Utah with 150 deaths, a 36% increase
  • Vermont with 28 deaths, a 33% increase
  • Tennessee with 682 deaths, a 30% increase

Colorado did not make the list of the states with the highest increase in car accident deaths. However, traffic fatalities did increase in the Mile High State by more than 12% from the previous year. Shockingly, CDOT says that the majority of passengers killed in 2020 were unbuckled at the time of the crash. El Paso County, in particular, had the highest number of unbuckled traffic fatalities in 2020. Will 2021 be the same?

A Colorado Springs Wrongful Death Attorney Can Help

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Filing a wrongful death claim in Colorado is not easy. It requires considerable experience and resources, as well as a full understanding of Colorado liability law. Don’t attempt to handle your case alone. Call our law firm today. 

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