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Safety Tips for Halloween

This year, children are looking more forward to Halloween than ever before. For families across Colorado Springs, that means going to Halloween parties, trunk-or-treat events, pumpkin carving, and trick-or-treating on Halloween night. Regardless of how you choose to celebrate the Halloween season, it is important to make safety a priority. Parents can take numerous precautions to keep their children and teens safe and prevent injuries during Halloween.

Preventing Halloween Accidents

During the 2017 Halloween season, the CPSC estimated that there were a total of 4,500 Halloween-related injuries. These injuries ranged from pumpkin carving lacerations to more serious head trauma due to pedestrian accidents. Knowing what type of Halloween accidents are common is the first step towards staying safe.

Pumpkin Carving

The CPSC estimates that 41 percent of all Halloween-related injuries are due to pumpkin carving activities. These injuries include lacerations, abrasions, burns, and other serious injuries. Adults can help kids stay safe this Halloween by supervising all activities. Leave the carving to the adults and let kids help by scooping out the pumpkin and designing the face. When your masterpiece is complete, use a battery-operated light rather than an open flame candle.

Decoration Accidents

Putting up Halloween decorations can be fun, but it’s also dangerous. In fact, 32 percent of all Halloween injuries are caused by falls while taking down or putting up decorations. You can prevent decoration accidents by removing obstacles from the lawn and steps before you use a ladder. Consider using glow sticks instead of candles whenever possible, and keep open flames away from curtains or other flammable household items. If you must climb a ladder, be sure you have a friend there to help.

Costume Accidents

While you might not consider your costume to be dangerous, it can be. Costumes that are poorly ventilated or that have poor visibility can cause serious injuries. When children cannot see clearly out of their masks, they can run out into the street or fail to notice oncoming cars. Longer costumes can become tripping or falling hazards as well. When selecting fabric for costumes, be sure to choose bright and reflective fabric that is not flammable.

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