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Commercial Trucking Accidents Caused by Negligence

Typically,commercial trucking accidentsare much more devastating than an accident between passenger vehicles. A fully-loaded big rig may weigh 25 times that of a passenger car. This tremendous weight and size discrepancy, in addition to the general laws of physics, equals the potential for catastrophic accidents with serious, even fatal, injuries.

Examples of Trucking Company Negligence

Accidents caused by truck company negligence are completely preventable. Victims of these wrecks could be entitled to compensation for their injuries, medical bills, lost wages, and other losses.

Some ways that commercial truck companies can behave negligently can include:

  • Failing to Maintain Trucks Properly:commercial trucks need to be maintained properly to ensure their safety. This means changing tires and brake pads regularly. It also means performing maintenance and safety checks at regular intervals. When truck companies cut corners to maximize profits, they often fail to inspect their trucks or change worn parts. They may even force the truck back on the road with faulty brakes or tires that are threadbare.
  • Failing to Train Truck Drivers Properly:trucking companies have a responsibility to ensure that their drivers are trained properly to handle these large commercial big rigs. They need to ensure that their drivers are licensed and have received the necessary safety training. When they fail to do this and put irresponsible drivers on the road, they can be found negligent.
  • Encouraging their Drivers to Brake Federal Rules:many trucking companies routinely encourage their drivers to drive longer hours and break the federal motor carrier rules and regulations. When they do this, they can be found responsible for the accidents that occur.

Proving Negligence in Commercial Trucking Accidents

As with most anypersonal injury case, negligence must be shown to substantiate liability. Therefore, a successful case must show that the defendant owed the plaintiff a duty to exercise reasonable care to avoid injury, and failed to perform that duty. Furthermore, it must be shown that this breach of duty caused the plaintiff’s injuries. An experienced Colorado commercial trucking accident lawyer will know how to pursue an investigation and build a compelling case for the defendant.