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Colorado Springs Bad Faith Insurance Attorneys

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The Colorado Springs bad faith insurance attorneys of the Green Law Firm, P.C. aren’t afraid to stand up to the big insurance companies, and are dedicated to protecting the rights of their clients.

When you are injured in an accident, it is natural to assume that your insurance company will help take care of you. After all, that is what they promised. Right? Unfortunately, many car accident victims realize quickly that their insurance company is not there for them after an accident. While some disputes are natural after an accident – others are not and become something known as bad faith insurance. Even though these bad faith tactics are against the law, even the largest insurance companies still engage in this bad behavior.

Determining what is Bad Faith

It is important to understand the difference between an insurance dispute and bad faith. Unfortunately, the line between them can be unclear and it takes a skilled Colorado insurance attorney to help recognize insurance companies that are acting in bad faith. Examples of bad faith tactics include:

  • Denying legitimate claims
  • Delaying payments rightfully owed
  • Refusing to answer or return phone calls
  • Losing paperwork
  • Ignoring medical information that is vital to your claim
  • Sending injured accident victim out for unnecessary medical tests or exams
  • Offering low-ball settlements that they know won’t cover expenses
  • Targeting high-cost claims as a reason for denial
  • Failing to defend against a third party claim
  • Failing or refusing to conduct an investigation
  • Canceling the policy after a claim is made

If your insurance company is guilty of any of these tactics, then they may very well be guilty of engaging in bad faith. Your attorney can investigate your accident closely and your insurance company’s responses to determine if your insurance company has acted in bad faith.

Knowing your Rights

Unfortunately, many accident victims are unaware that they have rights after an accident. They believe that they are at the mercy of their insurance companies and that they must accept whatever settlement the insurance company deems appropriate. Nothing could be farther from the truth and accident victims have a right to maximum compensation after an accident.

Our Colorado Springs bad faith insurance attorneys will be able to investigate your accident closely to establish who is ultimately to blame for your accident. In addition, your attorney can review your injuries and meet with medical experts to determine how much compensation you will actually need to recover from your injuries and move forward in life. You will need money for medical expenses, long-term care, future medical expenses, lost wages, and even reduced quality of life. This information is valuable to establishing how much money you truly need – and then fighting with your insurance company to protect your rights to this money.