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Colorado Springs Bad Faith Insurance Attorneys

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The Colorado Springs bad faith insurance attorneys of the Green Law Firm, P.C. aren’t afraid to stand up to the big insurance companies, and are dedicated to protecting the rights of their clients.

When you are injured in an accident, it is natural to assume that your insurance company will help take care of you. After all, that is what they promised. Right? Unfortunately, many car accident victims realize quickly that their insurance company is not there for them after an accident. While some disputes are natural after an accident – others are not and become something known as bad faith insurance. Even though these bad faith tactics are against the law, even the largest insurance companies still engage in this bad behavior.

Why Hire With The Green Law Firm For a Bad Faith Insurance Claim?

Choosing the right legal counsel for a bad faith insurance claim is critical, and The Green Law Firm sets itself apart in many ways. Here’s why you want our dedicated team on your side:

We Handle a Limited Number of Cases

We intentionally limit the number of clients we take on at one time, maintaining a manageable caseload so that each case gets the individualized time and attention it requires. This allows us to have an intimate understanding of all aspects of your case – something larger firms often struggle to provide.

Direct Access To Attorneys 

At our firm we believe in direct communication between lawyers and clients; there is no speaking through paralegals or assistants here. 

Millions Recovered For Clients 

Over the years, The Green Law Firm has successfully recovered millions of dollars in compensation for our clients. Our proven track record shows we are committed to getting results and will do what it takes to make sure insurance companies pay you what they should.

If you’re dealing with a bad faith insurance claim, don’t try to navigate it alone. Contact The Green Law Firm today to schedule your free consultation.

Determining what is Bad Faith

It is important to understand the difference between an insurance dispute and bad faith. Unfortunately, the line between them can be unclear and it takes a skilled Colorado insurance attorney to help recognize insurance companies that are acting in bad faith. Examples of bad faith tactics include:

  • Denying legitimate claims
  • Delaying payments rightfully owed
  • Refusing to answer or return phone calls
  • Losing paperwork
  • Ignoring medical information that is vital to your claim
  • Sending injured accident victim out for unnecessary medical tests or exams
  • Offering low-ball settlements that they know won’t cover expenses
  • Targeting high-cost claims as a reason for denial
  • Failing to defend against a third party claim
  • Failing or refusing to conduct an investigation
  • Canceling the policy after a claim is made

If your insurance company is guilty of any of these tactics, then they may very well be guilty of engaging in bad faith. Your Colorado Springs car accident attorney can investigate your car accident closely and your insurance company’s responses to determine if your insurance company has acted in bad faith.

What To Do If You Suspect You Have a Bad Faith Insurance Claim 

If you believe you have a bad faith insurance claim, it can be an overwhelming situation. Knowing what actions to take makes it more manageable and increases the chances of successfully resolving your dispute. Here are the steps you should take to give yourself the best chance of success: 

Review Your Policy 

Start by thoroughly reviewing your insurance policy, which is a contract between you and your insurer. Understanding all its terms, exceptions, or limits on coverage will help clarify whether the company is failing to honor their obligations.

While it’s a good idea to complete this step with a lawyer as soon as you can, it’s not a bad idea to get a copy of your policy and go through it yourself. You can mark anything you don’t understand and then speak with a lawyer about it. 

Document Everything

Creating a paper trail is essential in any claim. Keep meticulous records of all dealings and conversations with your insurance company; write down names of representatives, dates and times you spoke to them, and the contents of such discussions. Save any emails or letters you receive as well. 

Gather Evidence 

Accumulate evidence related to the incident that led to your insurance claim. For claims involving property damage or personal injury, this might include photos taken at the scene before anything was moved, as well as repair estimates and medical records and bills. 

Consult With An Attorney 

If you believe your insurance provider’s response is insufficient or unjustified, then it’s time to get in touch with a lawyer. Doing this as early as possible is beneficial so they can advise on how best to proceed and help steer the claim towards a more favorable outcome.

Proving an insurer has acted in bad faith isn’t just about showing they denied your claim; it also involves showing that their actions are unreasonable or unlawful, which is incredibly difficult to do on your own without legal help.

Knowing your Rights in Colorado Springs

Unfortunately, many accident victims are unaware that they have rights after an accident. They believe that they are at the mercy of their insurance companies and that they must accept whatever settlement the insurance company deems appropriate. Nothing could be farther from the truth and accident victims have a right to maximum compensation after an accident.

Our Colorado Springs personal injury attorneys will be able to investigate your accident closely to establish who is ultimately to blame for your accident. In addition, your bad faith insurance attorney in Colorado Springs can review your injuries and meet with medical experts to determine how much compensation you will actually need to recover from your injuries and move forward in life.

You will need money for medical expenses, long-term care, future medical expenses, lost wages, and even reduced quality of life. This information is valuable to establishing how much money you truly need – and then fighting with your insurance company to protect your rights to this money.