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The Colorado Springs insurance disputes attorneys of the Green Law Firm, P.C. are dedicated to protecting the rights of injured Coloradans.

In a perfect world, insurance companies would always have your best interests at heart.

After all, you pay your insurance company great sums of money each month to help you after getting in an accident or suffering an injury.

Unfortunately, insurance companies go out of their way to lowball their clients and offer the least amount of compensation possible.

While many accident victims try to stand up to their insurance companies alone, it’s often beneficial to hire a personal injury attorney to ensure the insurance companies compensate you fairly.

Because many insurance companies put their bottom line before your well-being, hiring someone to assist you throughout the entire process is considered a wise investment.

At the Green Law Firm P.C., we want to make sure that you are treated fairly and compensated the maximum amount based on Colorado law.

Our Colorado Springs insurance disputes attorneys are experienced in dealing with the inevitable pushback from insurance companies, and we don’t let them get away with a settlement that is less than you legally deserve.

While we would love it if insurance companies rewarded their clients with what they are entitled to, in our experience, it requires a lot of time and effort to ensure they pay their fair share.


What is Bad Faith Insurance?

While we like to think the majority of insurance companies will hold up their end of their agreement, there are thousands of cases of insurances companies acting in bad faith. Let’s take a look at a few ways in which insurance companies don’t deliver on their promise; these apply to all types of insurance claims.

  • Refusing to settle a claim despite overwhelming evidence in your favor.
  • Failure to adequately reimburse you according to your policy limits
  • Extreme delay in payment.
  • Unreasonable denial of an otherwise strong claim.

While not all insurance companies are out to take advantage of you intentionally, recognizing the signs of bad faith insurance will help arm you with the knowledge and tools needed to ensure you are compensated fairly. Again, if you choose to deal with the insurance companies solo, they have a significant advantage given the amount of time and resources they can devote to making your claim process difficult. At The Green Law Firm P.C., we are experts at knowing when an insurance company is operating in bad faith and we won’t allow them to take advantage of you when the case is otherwise in your favor.  Our experienced and professional Colorado Springs insurance disputes attorneys will review your entire case to ensure you are being treated fairly and in accordance with Colorado law.

Auto Insurance Claims

Given the stress of most accidents, many victims choose to settle as quickly as possible to move on with their life. With proper assistance, you can fight back and ensure that they treat you fairly so that you walk away with the compensation that you ultimately deserve. Here are some reasons why your auto insurance claim might be denied:

  • Failure to report the accident on time
  • Misunderstanding your policy
  • Excluded driver (not under coverage of the policy)
  • Disputed liability

We’ve already discussed how many insurance companies will try and operate in bad faith when it comes to your auto insurance claims, but unfortunately that’s not the only type of claims where they will display unethical or misleading behavior.  Insurance companies can also operate in bad faith with homeowners’ claims, life insurance claims, and health insurance claims.  Let’s take a look at each specific situation in more detail.

  • Waiting too long to file
  • Insufficient documentation of property damage
  • Exclusion clauses
  • Insufficient preventative measures following a previous loss

Insurance companies will commonly refuse to pay for hail or wind damage even when it is explicitly covered in your homeowner’s insurance policy. Sometimes they might cover just a minor amount of what you’re legally owed. It’s crucial, as with auto insurance claims, to keep an eye out on whether or not they are acting in bad faith.

Life Insurance Claims

It’s no secret that life insurance policies often involve a significant amount of cash, and as such, insurance companies will cut as many corners as they can to pay out as little as they can get away with. Your claim might be denied because of…

  • Death during contestability period
  • Type of death (rare now)
  • Failure to disclose relevant information
  • Nonpayment of premiums

As a paying customer of your insurance company, you are absolutely entitled to as much as legally possible when submitting a life insurance claim. Given the demanding emotional stress associated with life insurance claims, many insurance companies know that an individual won’t want to fight them in court or press for the compensation that is rightfully theirs. We will work with you to ensure that your or your loved one’s life insurance claim is processed by the book and that you are not shortchanged in any way.

Health Insurance Claims

Insurance companies are also notorious for treating you poorly and unfairly when submitting health insurance claims as well, often going to great lengths to dispute your initial policy or claim you had an unreported medical condition before signing your insurance agreement. Health insurance is a key component of our modern society, and you should not be forced to go into significant debt or incur outrageous medical expenses just because the insurance companies don’t want to pay up. Some reasons for claim denial include:

  • Procedure required prior authorization
  • Exclusion or noncoverage of services
  • Incomplete medical records
  • Incorrect patient identifier or other incorrect coding on paperwork

Insurance companies will do everything in their power to pay as little as possible. If you believe an insurance company is wrongfully accusing you of misleading them about your state of health during the signing of the initial contract, you should seek representation so that we can assist you. If you have upheld your original agreement and have been entirely honest throughout the process, you should get the compensation you deserve, not what the insurance companies want to give you.

Your healthcare is an essential part of your quality of life, and we will work with you to ensure your healthcare costs are taken care of in accordance to your specific plan. We won’t stand for insurance companies trying to give you anything less than what is rightfully yours.

Homeowners’ Insurance Claims

When you submit a homeowners’ claim, insurance companies again will do everything they can to reduce the amount of compensation they’ll pay you. Some companies even resort to using illegal and unethical practices because they know that an individual without representation often does not have the time or resources to pursue further action.

Have You Been Denied an Insurance Claim?

With great power comes great responsibility, and it is absolutely crucial that insurance companies are held to the highest standards according to Colorado law and the quality service we expect. Unfortunately, many insurance companies resort to shady practices to help pad their bottom line.

If you have recently been denied a claim despite evidence in your favor, here are a few key signs your insurance company might be operating in bad faith:

  • Changing or outright canceling your policy after you submit your claim.
  • Withholding key evidence that would help strengthen your case.
  • Failing to pay after the claim has been settled.
  • Denial of insurance on current or future claims based on misrepresentation of crucial facts.
  • Deliberately refuting or ignoring critical facts established by experts in the field.

While every situation is unique, if you have been denied a claim and meet any of the above criteria, you might be dealing with an insurance company operating in bad faith. The Green Law Firm P.C. would be happy to review your case and move forward if we are able to reliably conclude your insurance company is operating in bad faith.

Contact an Experienced Bad Faith Insurance Attorney Today

At The Green Law Firm P.C., nothing frustrates us more than seeing insurance companies take advantage of individuals who otherwise might not have the time or resources to fight for the rightful compensation they deserve. We work with our clients tirelessly to ensure that all parties are treated fairly and that insurance companies aren’t short changing you just because they can.  Bad faith insurance companies exist across all types of insurance claims, including health, life insurance, homeownership, and auto.

Regardless of the type of claim you’re pursuing, the last thing you need is to deal with insurance companies who are operating in bad faith. At the end of the day, our firm is determined to make sure you are treated fairly, nothing more and nothing less. Whether you’re putting in an insurance claim for your home, your car, or even your health insurance, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

If you believe your insurance company is operating in bad faith, please give us a call today so we can work with you to ensure you are treated fairly. Our firm specializes in helping you get back to your daily life as quickly as possible.