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Colorado Springs Car Accident FAQ

silver suv after crash | Colorado Springs Car Accident FAQ

At the Green Law Firm, we can help you find answers to your most important accident questions. Read our Colorado Springs car accident FAQ:

If you have been injured in a Colorado Springs car accident, you may have many questions running through your mind. 

How will you get your car repaired? Who will pay for these medical expenses? What happens if your injuries are permanent?

Q: I don’t feel injured, should I see a doctor anyway?

A: Yes. All vehicle occupants should be examined by a doctor. A physician will be able to recognize injuries that may no t be readily apparent to you. Additionally, the costs of the visit may be covered by your insurance. Never settle a claim from an accident before a doctor has advised you about the extent of your injuries.

Q: What if the accident was at least partially my fault?

Many factors can contribute to an accident- some that you may not even be aware of. Never accept blame or apologize to another driver as this could be used against you later. Instead, let the judge or jury determine who is at fault.

Q: Will I have to go to court if I file a personal injury claim?

A: Some cases require formal litigation. However, in most situations, if the other driver’s insurance company concurs with your attorney about your case value, you could settle for that amount and avoid court.

Q: What damages can I recover?

A: If you have been injured in a car accident, you may be entitled to compensation. You could potentially recover economic damages for past and future medical costs, lost wages, and loss of earning capacity, among other out-of-pocket expenses. You could also recover for non-economic damages such as diminished quality of life and emotional distress. Additionally, some injury victims can receive compensation for physical disabilities, scars, and disfigurement caused by the accident.

Q: What if the at-fault driver is uninsured?

A: Under Colorado law, automobile insurers must offer Uninsured/Under-insured Motorist Insurance as part of every policy sold in Colorado unless that coverage is explicitly refused by the customer in writing. This is a separate policy that protects you from uninsured motorists by paying you the same damages you would have recovered from the at-fault driver’s insurance, if they had any. Making a claim in Colorado for UM/UIM benefits for an accident which you did not cause cannot raise your insurance rates.

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