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3 Important Post Accident Steps | Colorado Springs Car Accident Attorney

Beautiful young happy woman in car.When you are involved in a car accident, it is important to know what steps are absolutely critical and which ones can be delayed. Knowing this difference is the key to obtaining maximum compensation after an accident. Here are the important post accident steps you need to take, courtesy of  Colorado Springs car accident attorney Greg Green.

  1. Your Injuries are the Most Important Thing Following Your Car Accident

Of course, the first thing you will do following your auto accident is to see to your health. This means going to a doctor immediately, even if you think you are okay. Far too many people think they are “fine” after an accident, when in reality their injuries are masked by the flood of adrenaline in their body. Later, they realize they are not okay, only to find an insurance company balking at paying medical expenses because they refused medical attention following the accident.

  1. Attend All Medical Appointments

After you are released from the hospital, it is important to attend all schedules medical appointments and fill all necessary prescriptions. Failure to do this could be a red flag to the insurance company that you are not actually as injured as you claim to be. This includes physical therapy appointments, as well as doctor’s visits. After all, if you are truly injured you wouldn’t miss an appointment.

  1. Contact an Experienced Attorney

After you have fully attended to your injuries, as well as those of any passengers in your vehicle, your next order of business should be to contact a Colorado Springs car accident attorney. Your insurance company will attempt to get you to reach a quick settlement that is usually just a fraction of what you need to recover from your injuries. Before signing any agreement, be sure you contact an experienced Colorado Springs car accident attorney. Your attorney will be able to negotiate with insurance companies and protect your right to compensation throughout the entire process.

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How do you Choose the Right Car Accident Attorney?

As your family and friends if they have recommendations for a car accident attorney in your area. You can also check reviews of attorneys online or contact your local Bar Association for more information. Once you have narrowed your list down to two or three car accident attorneys, you want to ensure the attorney you choose has handled a significant number of cases similar to yours in the past. Does the attorney settle the majority of his or her cases, or does it appear there is a willingness to go to trial when necessary? While most personal injury case do settle before trial, not all of them should. If your case is particularly difficult, it may need to go to trial, and you will need an aggressive trial lawyer if this should happen.

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