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Police Arrest Driver Involved in July Colorado Springs Hit-and-Run

According to the Colorado Springs Police Department, the 40-year-old woman involved in a fatal hit-and-run last month in Colorado Springs, has been arrested. 

The police identified Amanda Lee Rivera-Frank as the previously wanted driver believed to be connected to the July 20th hit-and-run collision, that took the life of 20-year-old Colorado Springs resident, Olivia Clark.

According to the CSPD, the collision occurred at the intersection of Galley Road and North Circle Drive, while Clark was crossing Circle Drive. Rivera-Frank, who was driving the Audi station wagon that struck Clark, did not remain on the scene. 

Clark was taken to the hospital, but tragically, her injuries were so severe that she passed away on July 23rd. Police issued an arrest warrant for Rivera-Frank, who turned herself into the Florence Police Department on August 13th. 

Colorado Hit-and-Run Laws

In Colorado, it is illegal for any driver involved in a motor vehicle accident to leave the scene of the collision, unless they are leaving to lawfully report the accident, or if there is no one in the other vehicle and they leave a note, or if they are injured themselves and require medical attention. 

Also, a driver involved in an accident in which someone is injured, is legally obligated to give reasonable assistance to that person when practical, including transporting the injured to the hospital, or making arrangements for transportation to the hospital

Anyone who does not fulfill these legal obligations may face felony and/or misdemeanor charges, depending on the circumstances. But, in some situations it is also possible for the injured victim or their family, to file a civil claim against the hit-and-run driver, in order to seek fair compensation to pay for medical expenses, earnings lost while in recovery, pain and suffering, and other types of damages. 

Pedestrian Accidents are on the Rise

A report from the Governors Highway Safety Association in 2019, determined that pedestrian fatalities are the highest they’ve been in 28 years, having risen 35% from 2008. 

The report names a number of different factors believed to be partially responsible, but largely to blame is old fashioned human bad behavior.  Roughly half of the fatal pedestrian accidents that occurred in 2017, involved alcohol impairment. And smartphones continue to be a very significant cause of distraction for drivers, playing a role in thousands of car accidents each and every year.

This disturbing trend means that our communities and neighborhoods are statistically getting more dangerous to walk around, or bicycle in. And that’s a sad state of affairs. We deserve better, and our kids deserve better. If we all try harder to keep our eyes on the road and our minds on the task at hand, we can all do our part to help avoid future tragedies, when it’s us behind the wheel. 

Further Reading: CDOT’s Left Behind Safety Campaign

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