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Will Your Motorcycle Accident Case be Effected by a Bad Boy Image?

Most motorcyclists have, at some time or another, experienced anti-biker prejudice or biases against motorcyclists. Most of us want to believe police officers are totally unbiased when investigating an accident. In truth, when it comes to motorcycle accidents, biases certainly exist. Unfortunately, many people—including police officers—still see motorcycle riders as thrill-seeking, living on-the-edge people who likely were responsible for the accident, even when the evidence says otherwise. The media has sensationalized the biker image by portraying motorcyclists as “bad boys,” who are chronically careless and reckless.

Police and Driver Biases Against Motorcyclists

Some officers may even have a dislike for a specific type of motorcycle, believing it is too powerful, or wrong for the road and will go out of his or her way to find fault with the motorcyclist. An officer may even equate a specific personality type to the motorcycle involved, when not all Harley Davidson riders were part of a motorcycle gang. Drivers may also resent the maneuverability of motorcycles or even fear them based on the perception of rowdy biker gangs. This anxiety or resentment can spill over as a bias against all motorcyclists. Preconceived ideas can interfere with accurate reporting and investigation of a motorcycle accident. In fact, plenty of motorcycle accident cases have been complicated by a biased report on the part of the police officer.

There are a number of ways these biases can affect the outcome of your eventual case against a truly negligent driver. The police officer may have noted the speed of your motorcycle even if speed was not a factor in the accident, or may take the driver’s word for how fast you were going on your motorcycle even though such estimates are notoriously inaccurate. Car drivers may also subconsciously give less thought to looking out for motorcyclists; while it is true a motorcycle has a much narrower profile than a car, one of the primary reasons for crashes between motorcycles and automobiles is the auto driver’s lack of attention where motorcyclists are concerned. Car drivers may assign less importance to motorcycles simply because they don’t believe bikers deserve the same consideration as other automobiles.

Getting the Help You Need After a Motorcycle Accident

If you suffered a motorcycle accident due to the negligence of an automobile driver, it is important you speak to a personal injury attorney who has extensive experience with motorcycle accidents and understands the best ways to combat biases police reports as well as potential jury bias. Your attorney will conduct a prompt, thorough, independent investigation in case there are issues in the police report, which must be disputed. When necessary your motorcycle attorney can have an expert reconstruct your accident in order to determine whether the police report is accurate.

A reconstruction of this type may bring to light speed, visibility, and other factors which show who is truly at fault. An accident investigator can be sent to the site of the accident immediately before evidence is lost. This evidence can include tire marks and witness statements. When a thorough investigation is instigated, it is possible to overcome a biased police report as well as misconceptions about who is responsible for the accident.

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