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How Dangerous Is State Highway 21?

How Dangerous Is State Highway 21 | The Green Law FirmState Highway 21 is also known as Powers Boulevard. It is an expressway that is essentially the eastern bypass of Colorado Springs. It stretches from SH 16 in Fountain to Interquest Parkway/SH 83 north of Colorado Springs. Unfortunately, State Highway 21 is often crowded and backed up with vehicles during peak commuting times. This typically leads to serious and sometimes fatal car accidents. 

In 2020 alone, El Paso County was home to 82 fatal crashes. This was one of the highest numbers in the state that year. 49 of those fatal car accidents occurred in Colorado Springs. 

Powers and Stetson Hills is one of State Highway 21’s most dangerous intersections. Every year, more than a dozen accidents occur at this intersection alone.  

To improve the flow of traffic and help reduce accidents, the Colorado Department of Transportation has allocated stimulus funding to improve the road. Work on the road consists of replacing the current at-grade intersection with improved Diverging Diamond interchanges and constructing an overpass for Powers Boulevard traffic to move continuously through the intersection over Research Parkway. The project will also include new pavement on some of the road and pedestrian and bicycle enhancements. 

The reason for these improvements is due to the growth in northeastern Colorado Springs. The more this area developed over the last decade, the more traffic occurred on Highway 21. Now, the traffic congestion has gotten so bad that the city and state are stepping in to make improvements to help residents and improve the flow of traffic. 

Avoiding Accidents on Highway 21

There is no easy way to avoid an accident. Sometimes accidents occur even when you’re doing everything right. However, there are some things you can do to reduce the risk of getting into an accident on Highway 21. Here are some tips to avoiding an accident

  • Watch Your Speed. The speed limit on Highway 21 changes along the way. Be sure you’re aware of the speed limit and never go faster than the speed limit or road conditions allow. 
  • Never Drive Distracted. Numerous cars and large trucks share Highway 21. Driving distracted only increases your chances of getting into a crash. When driving on Highway 21, put your phone down and avoid using any cellular devices. Pay close attention to the road at all times, so you can react quickly in an emergency situation. 
  • Watch for Truck Blind Spots. Never ride in a truck’s blind spot. A large commercial vehicle may not see you there and can inadvertently run you off the road. Be cautious when driving around large trucks and always use extra caution. 

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