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Highway 82 Is One of the Deadliest Roads in Colorado

Colorado road | Green Law FirmIf you live in Colorado anywhere between Glenwood Springs and Aspen, you probably already know how dangerous Highway 82 is. In fact, this stretch of highway is one of the most dangerous highways in the state. As such, troopers with the Colorado State Patrol are going into 2022 with one goal: to prevent deaths, injuries, and mayhem on this 45-mile stretch of Highway 82. 

To help keep Colorado drivers safe, the Colorado State Patrol will increase patrols along this stretch of highway. This increase in police presence is the result of increasing accidents in recent years. Through 2020 and up to mid-November 2021, there were a total of 385 accidents along this stretch. 91 of these accidents resulted in serious bodily injuries and five people lost their lives in those accidents. 

Safety experts believe that this stretch of Highway 82 has the potential to become one of the most dangerous state highways. They’re looking at this road as a mini-interstate, similar to Interstate 70. 

In particular, Mile Marker 6 south of Glenwood Springs is the most dangerous – with one fatality and 16 pile-ups. This is more than any other single location along the highway. 30 crashes occurred between Mile Markers 4 and 7 – making that stretch of the road the most dangerous. 

Why is this section of Highway 82 so dangerous?

Safety experts and police officials believe that many of the accidents are the result of increased commuters traveling at excessive speeds. Excessive speed and failure to yield the right of way were the two main causes of injury crashes along this stretch of road. Not only are drivers driving above the speed limit, but they’re also driving too fast for road conditions. When poor weather strikes, drivers must slow down and use extra caution. Drivers along Highway 82 aren’t doing that. They’re driving too fast, and it’s causing serious injury accidents. 

Other causes of injury accidents along Highway 82 include drunk driving, drugged driving, and distracted driving. 

More CSP trooper presence along Highway 82 is the best way to deter poor driving. With more police officers and troopers on the road, serious accidents are automatically reduced. One example of the impact of CSP presence occurred last summer on I-70 in South Canyon. When CSP troopers were present, there was a 44 percent reduction in serious car crashes

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