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Englewood Residents Focus on Safety After Another Fatal Car Crash 

Hampden Avenue is a dangerous street in Englewood for many reasons. This busy road is a critical east-west route near the southern limits of the city. It stretches along Southeast Denver and is vital to the area’s residents and businesses. However, it is also a dangerous stretch of road that is known for its serious accidents. 

In 2019, Denver’s Department of Transportation and Infrastructure (DOTI) partnered with CDOT to improve the safety of Hampden. This safety plan was designed to improve vehicle movement and control turns into residential neighborhoods. They hoped some of these measures would reduce car and pedestrian accidents. 

The plan included several phases:

  • Median repairs and installation from Monaco to Tamarac
  • HAWK signal at Verbena Street
  • Signal improvements at the intersections of Oneida, Poplar, and Tamarac 

However, after a recent fatal car accident on Hampden Avenue, many residents want more safety measures to be considered. 

The recent fatal car accident occurred at a bend in Hampden that is becoming the site of too many car accidents. In this accident, one of the drivers crashed into Caribou Coffee, the first business around the Hampden Avenue bend. Last year, another car crashed into part of the kitchen. Pino’s Place has also been the location of a crash that took out their back walls. As such, employees and customers in the area are concerned and worried about their safety. 

A spokesperson for the Shoppes at Cherry Hills told reporters that this was the fourth into the building and the third in the past year alone. They’ve contacted CDOT and are trying to find a solution to mitigate the dangerous curve in the design of the road. They have requested a barrier or guard rail to help protect customers, residents, and drivers. 

Improperly Designed Roads Lead to Car Accidents

Unfortunately, Hampden Avenue is not the only road in Denver to have design issues. Improperly designed roads can lead to serious and often fatal car accidents. When this occurs, the city or county responsible for the roads must take measures to improve their safety. If they fail to do so, they can be held liable for accidents that may occur. 

Filing a car accident claim against a government entity is not easy. Governmental immunity protects many agencies from litigation. However, there are exceptions. If you believe a government entity is to blame, you must file a special notice within 180 days of the injury accident. This gives the government entity the time it needs to investigate the facts and solve dangerous conditions. If you miss this deadline, you may not be able to file a future claim. 

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