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The 13 Most Dangerous Intersections in Colorado Springs

Aerial view to Pioneers museum | 13 Most Dangerous Intersections in Colorado Springs

From 2015 traffic data, the Colorado Springs police department has compiled a list of the 13 most dangerous intersections in Colorado Springs.

The division manager of traffic engineering for Colorado Springs, Kathleen Krager, is not surprised to see which intersections made the list. She says those intersections handle the most traffic and it makes perfect sense that they would also have to deal with the most traffic accidents.

Many of the intersections on the list are areas where city streets meet highways or Interstate 25. Not to imply that interstates and highways are more dangerous- they just have to manage more traffic, Krager says. The 13 most dangerous intersections are areas that, according to Krager, also correspond to the city’s list of 25 busiest intersections in terms of traffic volume.

The Colorado Springs intersections that witness the most accidents are:

  1. I-25 / West Cimarron Street – 154 accidents
  2. I-25 / East Woodmen Road – 106 accidents
  3. I-25 / West Fillmore Street – 105 accidents
  4. I-25 / West Garden of the Gods Road – 91 accidents
  5. I-25 / West Bijou Street – 79 accidents
  6. I-25 / South Nevada Avenue – 76 accidents
  7. I-25 / South Tejon Street – 76 accidents
  8. I-25 / Uintah Street – 70 accidents
  9. North Academy Boulevard / East Platte Avenue – 67 accidents
  10. South Academy Boulevard / Airport Road – 54 accidents
  11. I-25 / U.S. Highway 24 Bypass – 53 accidents
  12. I-25 / North Nevada – 46 accidents
  13. North Powers Boulevard / Barnes Road – 45 accidents

When asked, drivers weren’t surprised either, to see intersections they frequently use made the dangerous list.

Many drivers complained about certain intersections being confusing, frightening, or difficult to navigate. While others said they avoid certain intersections altogether when possible.

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Krager warns drivers not to feel as if they need to avoid certain intersections that made the list. Motorists just need to be more aware that the intersections are busy and the risk of accidents is greater in these locations.

Construction zones seem to be synonymous with higher accident rates and more fender-benders, too. But Krager adds that the enhancements made to an area during construction will hopefully reduce accidents over the long term.

Krager cautions motorists to slow down and obey the posted speed limit. She says the most serious accidents happen when there is the greatest difference between the slowest driver and the fastest driver. If everyone keeps to the speed limit, many accidents could be avoided.

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