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Tragic Colorado Springs Accident is State’s 17th Fatal Accident in 2017

two cars in a Tragic Colorado Springs AccidentEarlier this summer, a nine-year-old child died from injuries sustained in a tragic Colorado Springs accident. This fatal car accident is the 17th traffic fatality in Colorado Springs so far in 2017. The child was riding in a Ford Fusion when a Lincoln SUV hit the vehicle on Hwy 83. The child was not wearing a seat belt. Three other passengers were transported to the hospital with injuries.

Car accidents are the leading cause of injury deaths in the United States – claiming the lives of over 34,000 drivers and passengers. This equates to almost 4 people every single hour. Unfortunately, careless and reckless drivers are often to blame for these fatal crashes. When another person’s negligence results in the death of a loved one – it is important to speak to an experienced Colorado Springs wrongful death attorney immediately. Your attorney will be able to protect your family during this tragic time. While no amount of compensation could ever replace the loss of your loved one, you and your family should not have to suffer unnecessary financial burden because of another person’s carelessness.

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Causes of Fatal Car Accidents

There are numerous causes of fatal car accidents in Colorado Springs, but the most common ones, include:

  • Distracted driving – distracted driving is one of the fastest growing causes of all car accidents. It can be something as simple as talking to another passenger or something more egregious like texting while driving. Anything that takes your attention off of the task of driving is considered a distraction.
  • Impaired driving – driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a very serious offense and one that can result in fatal car accidents. Never drink and drive and always have a plan for getting home. If you find yourself unable to drive because you have been drinking – consider calling an Uber or a taxi. Remember, buzzed driving is drunk driving.
  • Reckless driving – speeding and road rage are just two examples of reckless driving. Other forms include tailgating, ignoring traffic controls, running red lights, and weaving in and out of traffic. Reckless driving accidents are completely preventable.

Getting the Help You Need

CO Springs Auto Accident Lawyer Greg Green of the Green Law FirmIf you or someone you love has been injured in a car accident by a negligent driver, it is important to know that the law is on your side. You have a right to seek compensation for your pain and suffering, your medical expenses, car damages, lost wages, and loss of future earnings. An experienced Colorado Springs car accident attorney can help you during this difficult time. Contact the experienced Colorado Springs car accident attorneys at the Green Law Firm today to schedule a no-obligation consultation and discuss your case. Call us today at 1-719-694-8515.