A recent investigation found that some cars with keyless ignitions are at an increased risk of getting into a rollaway accident. These accidents occur when the driver isn’t in the car and can injure and kill people who happen to be in its path. 

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Since 1975, car safety features have improved greatly. Those safety features, coupled with improvements in car seats and booster seats, have resulted in a steady decline in child motor vehicle fatalities. Unfortunately, car accidents still cause 1 out of every 4 unintentional injury deaths in children under the age of 13. In fact, car accidents […]

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Two Colorado Springs Police Department officers were injured after a high-speed car chase on the evening of July 10th.  According to the CSPD, police received a report of an attempted carjacking in northeast Colorado Springs. Soon after that initial carjacking attempt, a second carjacking report brought police to the Citadel Mall, where a crime victim […]