A hit-and-run accident in Colorado is when someone hits another vehicle, person, or animal with their car, drives away without stopping to lend aid, and then leaves the scene of an accident. Hit-and-run accidents in Colorado are illegal.

Researchers have known for decades that women are more likely to suffer an injury or die in car accidents. Of the 40,000 Americans that die every year in automobile accidents, a disproportionate number will be women. While men are more likely to cause car accidents, women are more likely to suffer the severity of the […]

If you live in Colorado anywhere between Glenwood Springs and Aspen, you probably already know how dangerous Highway 82 is. In fact, this stretch of highway is one of the most dangerous highways in the state. As such, troopers with the Colorado State Patrol are going into 2022 with one goal: to prevent deaths, injuries, […]