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February 2024

Distracted Walking: The Risks of Using Devices while Crossing the Street

The surge in smartphone usage shows no signs of stopping. While the plethora of information and connectivity available at our fingertips has plenty of advantages, a less attractive outcome has become increasingly prevalent: distracted walking. Under-regulated compared to distracted driving, this behavior can cause a significant rise in accidents. Risks Associated with Distracted Walking Distracted walking, often overlooked as the focus is placed…

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Bicyclists and Pedestrians: Sharing the Road Safely

Bicycling and walking are popular forms of exercise and are also eco-friendly alternatives for commuting. While these activities provide numerous health benefits and help reduce traffic congestion, they also require certain safety considerations. With such high numbers of pedestrians and bicyclists sharing the roads with motor vehicles, it’s more important than ever to prioritize safety by observing traffic rules and fostering mutual respect…

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