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November 2014

The Importance of the Black Box after a Trucking Accident

Trucking accidents are different from regular car accidents. They contain specific information that is often vital to proving fault and determining who is ultimately to blame. When you combine black boxes with other forensic evidence, it becomes clear who the liable party truly is. Yet obtaining black box data can be difficult and without an experienced trucking accident attorney—nearly impossible. Your attorney may…

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Are Bigger Cars Really Safer in a Car Accident?

When selecting a vehicle, there are many factors to consider. In addition to available safety features offered by automobile manufacturers, the size and weight of a vehicle can affect its safety performance. Many people believe that bigger cars are safer in a car accident than smaller, compact cars. Is this really true? The laws of physics dictate that a collision between two vehicles…

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Understanding Your Colorado Springs Personal Injury Case: What are Damages?

In a successful civil lawsuit for a Colorado Springs personal injury, damages are collected from the liable party. But exactly what are damages? What are the different types of damages? And how much can a plaintiff collect? At the Green Law Firm, we can help answer these questions and provide a greater understanding of personal injury damages. Understanding your personal injury case is…

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